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5 Steps To Creating and Selling Your Own Information Product Online

You've decided to create your own home based business online and you've heard from successful Internet marketers that the best way to make the most money on the web is to develop your own information product. So you've settled on writing your own e-book to promote from your website. This article explores the information product creation and selling process from start to finish.

5 Steps To Creating and Selling Your Own Information Product Online

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on affiliate marketing and creating successful home based businesses online to apply his trade. To get in touch with Bob and learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit: http://homebusinessmoneymakers.com

You’ve decided to create your own home based business online and you’ve heard from successful Internet marketers that the best way to make the most money on the web is to develop your own information product. So you’ve settled on writing your own e-book to promote from your website.

This is more difficult than some of the other money making opportunities online but if approached correctly from start to finish it can be the most profitable way to get established on the Internet.

The whole process of creating and selling your e-book involves basically five steps which should be completed in the order presented for the best results.

1. Brainstorm different ideas for a topic for your electronic book and after settling on an idea research the market to find a niche that are waiting anxiously for your finished product. A big mistake often made by new Internet marketers and home business owners online is creating a product and then trying to find a market for it.

After all their hard work they discover there isn’t a need for it on the web. So you may have to research the demand for several different ideas before deciding on a final theme for your work.

2. Take a look at the competition to discover how many products are in direct competition with your e-book topic and read several to see how you can improve upon their work. You should try to take a different approach to your theme in order to make it unique and make it stand out from the other e-books available on your subject.

For example, if your e-book is Internet marketing related and the topic is traffic generation to your website try to develop exclusive techniques for driving targeted visitors to a web page which aren’t covered in the other publications.

3. Now it’s time to take finger to key board, so to speak, and begin writing your book. This will take focus and discipline and the best approach would be to set a goal each day to write a certain number of pages or type a set amount of words. Creating an outline before you actually begin writing should help keep you focused on the job at hand by knowing at the end of each day what you’ll be writing about the next day.

Also try to eliminate as many distractions as possible by isolating yourself from the main traffic area of where ever you happen to be. If you’re worried you may not finish your product you can always out source your work for a cost.

4. Now that you have your finished product it’s time to build your website and create your all important squeeze page. Never forget the Internet marketing adage “the money is in the list”, because it’s true.

If you don’t capture your visitors contact information you will never be able to promote your product to them again because people hardly ever purchase anything on their first visit to your website.

Encourage people to leave their email address by offering a free membership in your weekly or monthly newsletter. You also need the other all important add on an autoresponder service to follow up with your list members. You should also pay careful attention to your sales letter and try to craft it in such a way as to entice your potential customers to become paying clients.

5. Once you have your list in place you must now think about how you’re going to up sell your current customers. You always have to develop and add new and more expensive products to your marketing mix.

It’s usually easier to sell to people the second time around as long as you’ve made their first buying experience as enjoyable as possible by providing excellent customer service. As your list grows so grows your home business and your longevity on the web.

In its most simplistic form this is the complete information product creation and sales process and in order for your home based business to succeed and thrive online you must attend to every detail of each and every step in order to develop your best money making tool possible.

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