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Are you a Victim of Cyber Bullying? An e-book may help you Cope

Cyber bullying has become increasing prevalent, particularly among teens and preteens. If you have found yourself a victim of this type of harassment, there is an e-book that may help you cope with the online stalking.

Are you a Victim of Cyber Bullying? An e-book may help you Cope

For more information and for tools and strategies to deal with Cyber Bullying a new e-book has been written by Nicole Williams. To purchase a copy of the e-book visit www.stopthebull.com

Cyber bullying has become increasing prevalent, particularly among teens and preteens. If you have found yourself a victim of this type of harassment, there is an e-book that may help you cope with the online stalking.

Many people have found that videos they transmitted to friends via cell phones or webcams have found their way to YouTube or video blogging sites. Perhaps this has happened to you, or the videos may have been recorded without your knowledge. You may have discovered pages about you or allegedly by you posted on MySpace or Facebook, and they are not flattering in the least. Maybe you have been online chatting and had someone enter the room under an alias and proceed to either insult you or your friends. Regardless of the form the cyber bullying is taking, you may be having problems dealing with the online stalking, and an e-book may help you fight the harassment.

You shouldn’t have to give up Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, webcams, online chatting, or video blogging just to avoid cyber bullying. Victims of cyber bullying may jump in fear every time new text messages arrive on their cell phones. Online stalking and harassment is affecting your life, and according to most e-books, many victims of cyber bullying find themselves growing depressed or withdrawn. Our e-book may contain the advice you need to deal with your situation.

One thing you should realize is that the cyber bullying is not your fault. You are not the one using cell phones and webcams to post derogatory information to MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube. You are not the one doing the video blogging or online chatting that is hurting you. The online stalking and harassment are coming from other people. Yet more than one e-book on cyber bullying notes that many victims somehow blame themselves for the harassment.

Keep your conscience clean, and no matter how tempting it might be to fight fire with fire, do not retaliate in a like manner. Cyber bullying e-books mention that this is a common occurrence, but it typically does more harm to you than your antagonist. You see, they know who they are victimizing, but you may not be certain. You risk hurting the wrong person or escalating the cyber bullying. Posting a nasty comment on Facebook or MySpace could result in you hurting an innocent person the way you have been hurt. The e-book also advises you could have your Internet account suspended.

If you find that your personal information has been posted to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or while online chatting, or that pictures have been taken with webcams or cell phones and posted to video blogging sites, most e-books advise you to take action immediately. This puts you at risk for online stalking from strangers, and this goes beyond harassment to endangerment. If you do not know how to get such items removed, enlist help from a parent or teacher to help you. Cyber bullying taken to this extreme can have serious consequences, and you may need an e-book to teach you how to combat it effectively.

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