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Article Marketing Died Today

Article marketing has been pronounced "ready" for burial on several online marketing forums today. Although rumored before, this is undeniably the real deal.

Article Marketing Died Today

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Article marketing has been pronounced “ready” for burial on several online marketing forums today. Although rumored before, this is undeniably the real deal.

As we gathered into the chapel, I picked up one of those little cards at the registry. It had a brief description, a copy and paste quickie, of the life of our fallen friend.

The full details came in the form of several paragraphs formatted three sentences, two sentences, one sentence.

Appropriate considering the newly departed.

The first thing I noticed was, after a few blah blahs about his early life, was those that had preceded him. Small ads, banner advertisement,on page seo. Google was even on the list but that was simply not true.

The reason I know Google was not dead also was for the fact he was officiating the ceremony. Admittedly not in his best form. A shell of his former self. As a matter of fact, old timers did not even recognize him.

The thing that caught my attention the most, was the cause of death listed for article marketing.

Although many contributing factors such as, bum marketers, junk spinners, and dependence on a dead article directory, were present, the actual cause of death was listed as marketing ignorance.

Writers that were adept at their craft, forgot about marketing properly and simply let the old boy die.

Shhh. Google is about to speak.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today at the passing of a dear and trusted friend. A friend that, at one time made me the go to source for quality information on the internet.

A friend that just refused to be twisted into something that it was not.

Article marketing was a man of character. A man of wisdom. A man that refused to go the way of unreadable online garbage.

Sadly his old school principles were the main reason for his ultimate demise.

Many have blamed me for his untimely death. In reality, if an exact cause were pinpointed, Ezine Articles would be left holding a more than fair share of the blame.

While not starting the myth, they went along with the story of them being all an article writer needed to make a living online. They said nothing when others said there was such a thing as a duplicate content penalty.

A penalty supposedly given by me for the profitable act of content syndication.

People who knew no better took that myth and ran with it. Created five and six figure businesses on it’s erroneous platform.

Caused thousands of others to fail while bloating our loved friend to the point of bursting with short, uninformative and spun to be original articles.

Honestly many other factors were at play also.

Online forums played a relentless part. Where do these fools get their information? Not all the forum goes but sadly the majority have no clue about a lot more than just content marketing.

They take myths and lies and spread them to the point of many thinking they are telling fact. Some do this out of ignorance. Most do this out of pure greed. They know better.

They know EZA is the one that will soon pass away. They know that content syndication is a time honored tactic many use to make a full living online.

They know big companies and major news wires practice this all the time. What makes them think we look at little companies and individuals any different than CNN.

Sorry to be the one to spill the beans but this was not a natural death.Our friend just could not take the crap anymore. Suicide is the true cause of death of article marketing.

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