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Article Marketing Is More Than Writing

Article marketing is something that contains writing an article. Many great writers fail at the marketing aspect. Go to any forum and sooner or later you will see some fool give the advice that all it takes is the ability to write

Article Marketing Is More Than Writing

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Article marketing is something that contains writing an article. Many great writers fail at the marketing aspect.

Go to any forum and sooner or later you will see some fool give the advice that all it takes is the ability to write. They will even go as far as stating writing well is not important.

Hate to break it to them but they are totally lost and should keep their opinions to themselves.

Check the very same forums and the person replying more than likely either has a new product out touting how easy making money writing online is or they are an affiliate for such a product.

The product will be long gone before a lot of people read it but the ones that do waste their money on this shoddy product will end up spreading it’s lies and more than likely keep someone else from ever making any money online.

Article writing and article marketing are not closely related.

Someone that can write but has no idea how to market can easily find themselves with great content and an empty Pay Pal account.

In the same breath, someone who can market can always find content to use. That content can easily be turned into profit for themselves and actually beat the exact same content presented by the original author who doesn’t understand article marketing aspects.

Wow! That was a mouthful, wasn’t it.

It is one hundred percent the truth and has many case studies to back it up. I am not even saying it is fair.

The true article marketer can take your content, give you all credit for the article, and still make it more popular than your original.

Take your content and drive thousands of people to their own websites. Totally legal and ethical.

We all know totally legal and even ethical is not always fair.

Still if you had learned to market your content you would be reaping the rewards. That is your work the smart marketer is making bank with.

The profit maker knows how to do keyword research. They understand how to take an article that is not optimized and still reap rewards with it. They know how to do this and never change the original work.

How to do this and always give you credit for the original.

Let’s go back to the know it all forum again. A quick search will find you a lot of people stating that article marketing is dead. Casket closed.

These are article writers, or at least they think they can write, that never learned how to market their content. They are convinced it is dead because they can not figure out a way to make a profit with their content.

They bought a product that taught them to write compelling titles. Great descriptions. Informative bodies and even a drawing resource box.

They didn’t learn the basics of getting that article posted on other sites. Of optimizing the article the way the search engines demand.

Being fully dependent of traffic only from the directory finds them running low on funds at the end of the month. It is finding many with no funds at any given time of the month.

While writing a great article is important and learning thing such as research and proper formatting is a talent needed, it is not successful article marketing.

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