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Article Marketing Tips – Compelling Ways to Defeat the Competition

This article talks about article marketing tips for you to win the competition and defeat your competitors

Article Marketing Tips – Compelling Ways to Defeat the Competition

James Krawder is an internet marketing coach who aims to make money through affiliate marketing by promoting a coaching program.


One of the reasons why it is now more difficult to succeed in the field of article marketing is because of stiff competition. I suggest that you check out the internet marketing strategies of your competitors and I can guarantee you that most of them are using article marketing.

The question now is, how can you possibly get ahead of the pack? I suggest that you follow the things I have suggested below to increase your chances of realizing your goals:

1. Be an expert. As an article writer, your readers expect nothing but great, in depth information from you. You cannot possibly give them what they are looking for if you have very limited information to share. So, before you even sink your teeth into this endeavor, ensure that you have what it takes to be considered an authority in your niche.

Secure an expert status by doing extensive research, by attending training programs and seminars, by getting first hand experience, by doing experiments, and by getting pros to mentor you. Do not start writing your articles unless you are 100% sure that you can offer great value to your readers. Remember, the last thing that you would like to do is waste their precious time.

2. Be a good writer. Here is the truth; your audience will not take you seriously, no matter how knowledgeable you are in your chosen niche, if you do not know how to effectively get your message across using written words. This is the reason why I highly recommend that you develop excellent writing skills. You must know how to write articles in such a way that you can educate, entertain, and impress your readers all at the same time.

3. SEO skills. You will have better chances of making it big in this endeavor if you know how to properly optimize your articles. You need to make sure that your copies will come up on relevant online searches so you can give them the kind of exposure they need. Always use enough keywords on each article that you write and use latent semantic indexing technique all the time.

4. Always use attention grabbing titles. Get your target audience to pick your articles over your competitors by simply using titles that will grab their attention. Catchy titles are those that target your readers emotional hot buttons and those that are benefit driven. Your prospects will most likely to read your articles if they know exactly what is in it for them.

5. Avoid talking about yourself and your products on your article body. I know, you would like to make decent sales ASAP. But I would not recommend that you talk about your products or yourself on your article body as this will surely annoy your target audience who are looking for information and not ads. Focus on educating them first and mention what you sell on your resource box.

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