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Article Writing for Profit – How to Sell More through Your Articles

This article talks about article writing and article marketing tips

Article Writing for Profit – How to Sell More through Your Articles

James Krawder is an internet marketing coach who aims to make money through affiliate marketing by promoting a coaching program.


Are you having a hard time securing decent sales in the online arena? Then, consider writing several articles that will help you attract more people to visit your website and later on, convince them to buy the products that you sell. Here are some article writing tips that you can surely make use of:

1. First, you need to figure out how you can get your prospects to pay attention to your articles. You need these people to choose your copies over the other articles that are showing up on the same search page results. What I recommend is that you write about their problems, their goals in life or careers, and the things that they are dying to know about. Then, make use of attention grabbing headlines.

2. Next step is to give your readers what they want. Get your audience to read your articles until the end by simply giving them what they want. Based on experience, people who are using the internet and who are reading articles online are mostly looking for solutions to their problems, how to guides, tips and techniques, answer to burning questions, and in depth information about the things that they find extremely interesting.

3. Talk about your products and services. This is only allowed if you will be publishing your articles on your own blog or website. Remember, article directories will not allow blatant advertising or self promotion on the article body. Anyway, talk about what you offer without doing hard selling. What you can do instead is offer your readers with product review type of articles. Discuss the features, limitations, and strengths of your products or services. Then, offer consumer reviews or feedback. Do not forget to present your offerings as the best solutions to the problems of your readers or the best tools to reach their goals. It is through this that they will be convinced that your products are worth every penny.

4. Give your prospects a lot of reasons to trust you. Why would these people buy from you? Why would they listen to your recommendations? Earn the trust and respect of these people by simply showing off your in depth knowledge in your niche. Then, talk about your credentials and your relevant achievements. It will also help if you insert the testimonials of your most satisfied customers and recommendations of your colleagues.

5. End your articles with a compelling call to action. Get your readers to act on your favor by convincing them to buy the products or services that you sell. Ensure that your call to action is very persuasive, well written, and very targeted. It will help if you target the emotional hot buttons of your prospects. As you might already know, buyers these days make purchases based on impulse and not on logic. So, push their hot buttons and present your products as something that these people cannot possibly do without.

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