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Article Writing Techniques – 6 Simple Steps to Succeed

This article talks about several article marketing and article writings tips that will help your article marketing campaigns.

Article Writing Techniques – 6 Simple Steps to Succeed

James Krawder is an internet marketing coach who aims to make money through affiliate marketing by promoting a coaching program.


Writing great articles is your ticket to succeed in the online arena. These are great internet marketing tools so you can use them in promoting any products or services that you sell. If you are not selling anything, you can still make money by starting a career in freelance article writing which is now considered one of the multi billion industries in the online arena.

Here is how you can succeed in article writing:

1. Know your audience. You will find it much easier to create compelling, highly targeted articles if you know the people that you are writing for and their needs and demands. Make time for a thorough research. Interview these people if you must and get an idea about the things that they consider very important. You will not have a hard time choosing the topics to discuss or the writing techniques to use if you know exactly what your audience really wants.

2. Know your topics. You will be considered an effective writer if you know exactly how to properly educate your readers on topics that they find interesting. Before you start tapping on your keyboard, I would recommend that you gather as much useful information as possible. This may mean reading blogs and other articles, interviewing experts, doing experiments, or getting first hand experience. The more informative your articles are, the better your chances of getting positive response from your audience.

3. Create an outline. Make your articles sound more coherent and well thought out by doing some planning before you start writing them. Start by listing down the information you have gathered through your research. Then, identify which ones will be included in your articles (choose only those that your readers consider extremely important). List them down based on their importance and present them in a logical manner.

4. Explain your ideas using short paragraphs or number list. Your articles will appear more scannable and easy on the eyes if you discuss each of your ideas using very short paragraphs or number list. This will also help you finish your articles sooner as you do not need to tie your ideas together to make your content sound coherent.

5. Spill out the beans. Be willing to share in depth information to your readers. Share with them what you know and let them have a slice of your expertise. This is very useful especially if you are trying to get them to trust and respect you. If you can prove to these people that you are an authority in your niche, you can be assured that they will take you seriously.

6. Look at your articles through the eyes of other people. By this, I simply mean get the opinion of those people who read your articles. Did these people find your articles informative and engaging? Is there something you could have done differently to make your articles more effective and more impacting? Know your weaknesses and find ways to convert them to strengths.

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