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Audio Books on CD, for a New Generation

Audio books are voice recordings of written material, mainly published books. It can be the voice alone or enhanced with music and sound effects. Although the voice recorded books have been available for quite some time, they have recently gained in popularity!

Audio Books on CD, for a New Generation

Tiffany Holmes, VP of Marketing for book publisher, http://www.galaxypress.com is working to reintroduce Stories From the Golden Age, a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books, featuring 153 stories written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1930s and 1940s, using his own and any of the 15 pen names he used. http://www.goldenagestories.com/audiobooks

Story telling is not new! In fact our entire history has been intimately involved with story telling. Cave drawings tell the story of life as they saw it. The American Indian culture used stories to teach their children about tribal life, their customs and ceremonies. The Romans and Greeks entertained with poetry, stories from travelers from away lands or songs that spoke of great deeds by the heroes or demonic dictators of the day.

As we evolved up through the centuries, we continue to have an insatiable desire to be transported to something that is other than our daily life. We, as people, are after all a curious lot!

Fast forward to this generation and we have had for about 50 years what some call, “the visual generation”. That is to say, television and movies! It was enormously successful and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But, being a mobile generation also, we’ve also seen a rise of “take it with you” music as well as audio books, either on MP3 or CD.

Just as fiction or the non fiction books we read take us temporarily out of our current life to feel what the written character feels and the exotic locales tempt us with the flavor of the land, the audio book transports us but with the nuances in the voice of the story teller.

Audio stories are perfect for the courier, truck drivers, RVers or long distance travelers of any kind, college students, army or navy personnel or just about anyone for that matter. We have such a vast store of fantastic written material that publishers producing audio books are like kids in a candy store who want it all.

There are many brilliant writers in the past century that have captured our imagination, such as Pulp Fiction writers, Edgar Rice Burroughs who created “Tarzan”, Dashiell Hammett’s, “The Maltese Falcon”, L. Ron Hubbard’s “Spy Killer or Dead Men Kill”, and Lester Dent who wrote, “Doc Savage” to name a few.

To listen to great stories like these on our daily commute, or to unwind at the end of the day, or while doing chores etc., is a great way to enhance and fuel our imaginations. These audio books can come in both full length form or abridged and usually do not take long to download, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. They can also be purchased on a single CD or set of CDs or be part of a book club where you get a new story mailed to you every month. Anyway you do it; the adventure is there for the taking!


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