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Book Review – Darnia’s Quest: A Viable Christian Counter to Harry Potter

Finally, here's a Christian Book for kids, that may give Harry Potter a run for it's readership. If your child is into fantasy, why not give them a book that is Christian-Based?

Book Review – Darnia’s Quest: A Viable Christian Counter to Harry Potter

Don Alexander is the author of Darnia’s Quest, and super daddy to his 3 year old boy and 9 year old girl. For more information about Darnia’s Quest please visit: http://www.begslist.org/show_beg/77e38ceedad786754136f9ff7aa58021

There is no competition for Harry Potter in the Christian realm, not really, and it’s largely because there’s never been a book written with the incredible plot twists, the deep characters, the spanish bilingual lines that Darnia’s Quest has, and the poetry! There are poems in each book that tie into the plot.

And make no mistake about it, the outcry of parents nation and worldwide who are against making witchcraft look cool and acceptable, is in the tens of millions. Christian parents are looking for a strong alternative to the Harry Potter series and they haven’t been able to target anything-until now. Appointed Vision LLC believes that Darnia’s Quest, has the makings of a future Newbury Award winning book and that it may be the first book to take Christianity into the public libraries, internet shops, and into the hands of children and their parents throughout the world. Don also believes that this may be the book that paves the way for getting religious based books into the public school arena.

Appointed Vision LLCs book Darnia’s Quest: A Spiritual Journey To Awaken Your Imagination (Christian Services Network, ISBN 159352098-0) is a book that brings a clean and wholesome message to children that many do not see reflected in movies, television, or other books. Our children worldwide are not learning the message of the Love of God and that is why a book such as Darnia’s Quest is so important since it magnifies that message.

Appointed Vision LLC provides a faith based fantasy book to the 300 million reader children’s book market largely dominated by Harry Potter. Our objective is to foster a love for reading in children and also to draw them closer to their relationship with God. The bigger picture is that we are providing a book that ultimately will help children and teens choose a better path in life, one that would include athletics, church attendance, achievement, and after school programs including Karate, rather than choosing the path of drug addiction, promiscuity, shoplifting, or witchcraft. This echoes the theme of our books which is to teach children to love and be themselves 100% and love God 100%! We desire to see all students grow in their faith and/or come to knowledge of faith in Christ, to insure both earthly and eternal security for their young lives.

Many are just standing by, as witchcraft and wizardry are looked at as cool and acceptable. Not this author. My nine year old daughter loved this book and the sequel. My nephew, whose teacher said “he can’t read” would not put this book down until he finished it, took him almost two months, but he did it! My daughter was sneaking ahead in the chapters when I wasn’t around, even though I told her “wait until I come in to read to you.”

That’s how powerfully written the Darnia’s Quest book series really is indeed! Parents, if you have been looking for a book that will awaken your child’s imagination, without witchcraft (boy that’s a rude awakening), and you want a book series that focuses on the love of God, and after school programs like Karate, Art, and Writing, this may be a great book for your children.

Darnia Alexis Ashaan and Jenara Selena Barslay, the two main characters, interact into a plot woven with action, love, and many plot twists to amaze the readers.

Jenara and Darnia, two kids who may haver never met up in real life, yet an adventure awaits them beyond their wildest dreams. Enter in the world of Darnia Alexis Ashaan, of Lone Pine, CA. Travel with him into the beauty and danger of the underwater castle. Watch as Dar conquers the vigorous arm-eating castlemen who show no mercy to intruders. Laugh and cry as Dar meets and befriends the gorgeously beautiful Jenara Selena Barslay. Find out what can truly happen if you fall asleep, and your new best friends are really not real, or are they? Most of all, in Darnia’s Quest you will truly discover the maning of the words: “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

The Darnia’s Quest book series is being considered for a major motion picture and publishers are being considered for the national book contract. If you are looking for a cause to donate funds, what better cause than to help the lives of our children get their focus back on God, and the love of God in their lives?

Finally, a Christian Counter to Harry Potter is here, and it is so awesomely written that kids can hardly put it down. I hope your child enjoys this book as much as my nine year old daughter did, and then some. Truly, the Darnia’s Quest Book Series, may help kids come to know Christ, and grow in their relationship with him as well. Mission accomplished.

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