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Books On Vampires

Vampires have crept into our hearts just as they creep around in the dark. Now we celebrate vampires with more than just word of mouth tales, we write books on vampires that are bought by people all around the world and read.

Books On Vampires

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Vampires have crept into our hearts just as they creep around in the dark. Today vampires have become part of our culture, whether you believe in them as real creatures of the night or as mythological beings that haunt us when the sun goes down. Tales of vampires have been around for thousands of years, even before we had a name for them. Now we celebrate vampires with more than just word of mouth tales, we write books on vampires that are bought by people all around the world and read.

Originally tales of vampires were about demons who came to drink our blood at night. This was reflected by many cultures having gods, spirits and creatures named and sometimes worshipped because of their lust for blood. Some of these creatures were feared as omens that brought destruction to villages and wards were made to protect them from these unsavory beings.

Over time vampire cults sprang up in various places around the world as some believed drinking blood could do anything from imparting strength to increasing fertility. In places such as Rome vampire cults were popular and drinking blood was an acceptable act. However, as time went on people started to realize that drinking blood was causing sickness and death, laws were eventually passed outlawing the act with serious penalties for those caught drinking blood. This drove the drinkers underground, eventually the government sent assassins to kill any remaining blood drinkers. These assassins carried concealed knives that were ornately decorated and resembled a cross. This perhaps may be the origin of vampire hunters as we know them today.

History itself has provided celebrated examples of vampires, people such as Vlad Tepes more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler and Countess Elizabeth Bathory also known as the Blood Countess. While Vlad was a bloodthirsty tyrant who loved to torture his victims there is no evidence he ever drank blood. However the Blood Countess had a pension for not only biting people but also killing virgin maids and using their blood to bathe in. Her belief was that by doing this she would remain young and beautiful as well as live forever. There are also examples of real people who killed and drank blood to satisfy their craving for blood some of these individuals stated that the blood excited them sexually.

While there had been several books on vampires, it wasn’t until the publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897 that people started to see Vampires as not just bloodthirsty undead but as a creature that would seduce its victims into submission with their charismatic personality. More and more vampire books were written as the fascination with vampires increased. Many writers including Stephen King and Robert McCammon have written books on vampires.

A popular author who has written many successful vampire books is Anne Rice, her stories depict vampires as morose beings doomed to watch the world around them change while they remain the same and often alone. Some of her vampire books even made it to the big screen to the delight of vampire lovers everywhere. One of the newest vampire books available is the Twilight Saga. While these books on vampires are extremely popular, even making big screen hits some vampire fans don’t like these vampire books because these vampires defy traditional vampire weaknesses.

Books on vampires can be found with a simple click, anything from nonfiction vampire books that teach you everything you ever wanted to know about these undead creatures to vampire books that are masterful pieces of fiction. One thing is for sure tales of vampires and their misdeeds will never go away as more and more books on vampires are written and read by fans everywhere.

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