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Choose the Right Book for Your Young Child

Reading is an important part of your child's life. To help children learn to love reading allow them to choose books that are interesting to them.

Choose the Right Book for Your Young Child

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Reading can be such an important part of a child’s life. Through reading a child can learn new things, travel to any destination imaginable, and expand his or her own imagination. As a parent, when you read with your child you are bonding and creating new and fun memories your child will hold on to through his or her whole life.

Picking just the right book is an important part of reading time. The local public library is a wonderful place to go to find new books. Go to the children’s section of the library and let your child find just what his or her heart desires. To help keep your child interested in reading make sure that he or she doesn’t pick books that are higher than their reading level. Picking books higher than a child’s reading level can mean the book is too hard and children can become discouraged and not want to read anymore.

For kindergarten readers, look for books that are short and only have a few words on each page. Books for this age group will have a lot of fun and bright colored pictures as well. Kindergarten readers can recognize words and will love to sit with you as you read books aloud to them. Look for books that have patterns or repetition, this will help your little reader to begin to recognize more words as he or she sees them often throughout the book. If you find books that are about things your reader enjoys or thinks is interesting this will also help them as they read to stay interested in the book and continue to learn. For example, if your child likes dogs, look for books about a dog.

First and second grade readers are still just learning and reading aloud to them is also important. Find books that still follow similar patterns and repetition, but are becoming more complex. Books for these readers have stories that include full sentences for new readers to help practice newly acquired skills. Finding books that your child can read independently is also important to help him or her develop their reading skills. Again, look for books with stories, characters, or places that interest your child. As your child is just learning to read independently it is important that the books he or she chooses to read keep his or her attention and don’t get boring. If your child is bored with the book he or she is reading, it is easy for him or her to lose interest in reading.

Reading is such an important part of your child’s education and making sure it is something he or she enjoys will help make education for your child more interesting for the rest of his or her life.

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