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Copy Editing and Proofreading

Before publishing an article you yourself have written, or one that was written for you, it's important to take steps in making sure the piece is of high quality, is easy to read and understand, and is error free.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

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Before publishing an article you yourself have written, or one that was written for you, it’s important to take steps in making sure the piece is of high quality, is easy to read and understand, and is error free. This means proofreading the work and even having a fresh set of eyes do that same when you’re finished. If you are interested in learning the necessary steps in properly proofreading a written piece of content in order to get it ready for publishing, read on.

The first step in copy editing and proofreading is to run the spell checker on your word processor. This will help to catch the more obvious mistakes that may have been made during the writing process. However, no professional proofreading process would stop at this stage. A spell checker can actually miss quite a few points that need attention before an article is published. For example, sometimes while a word is spelled correctly, it can be used in the wrong context, which is something a spell checker can’t pick up.

This is why the second step in editing and proofreading is to read over the piece while taking your time. You may have read through it already, but do so again once the spell checker has been complete. Take time to identify parts of the article that can be tightened up or reworded so that it’s an easier read. Keep a dictionary handy and don’t rush the process.

While reading the article as a professional proofreading specialist would, it is important to look for instances where the article might repeat itself. Change words that are repeated too often throughout to others with the same general meaning. Make sure that information is new and crisp as the article moves on, instead of just recapping itself from beginning to end.

Another important step in copy editing and proofreading is to make sure words are capitalized only where it’s needed. Proper comma usage and sentence structure is important as well. You can find the most errors by essentially pulling the article apart reading only one sentence at a time. Try reading the sentence forward and then backward to better analyze the text.

You can use numerous references when copy editing and proofreading your work, one of the most reliable is the Gregg Reference Manual. You can obtain a paperback copy of the manual, or you can pay for access to their website in order to use their services.

Finally, while you don’t need to pay for professional proofreading, you should consider having a friend or family member proofread your work for you after you’ve done the leg work yourself. A fresh set of eyes always plays an important role in finding any well hidden grammar errors and mistakes. They can also provide valuable feedback as to the depth of the content they have read which may help you better develop the points you are trying to get across in your article.

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