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Creating a Passive Income with Info Products

That's putting it rather bluntly, of course. But the other thing you need to know... if you leave it just to float there in the vast ocean of web products, chances are you'll never make more than a drop in the bucket.

Creating a Passive Income with Info Products

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Ever wondered how to create passive income with information products? It’s a powerful way of increasing your profits. Too many newer marketers don’t even realize this is possible, when they first start their internet marketing journey. Many of them have heard about passive income from products, but they’re so busy focusing on all the many hats they have to wear (and marketing modalities they have to juggle) that it slips out of mind.

The truth is, when you have an information product set up on its own website, with a sales letter – or in a marketing network such as Clickbank – you have a passive income mine just floating in the waters, waiting for people to hit it, so you can score.

That’s putting it rather bluntly, of course. But the other thing you need to know… if you leave it just to float there in the vast ocean of web products, chances are you’ll never make more than a drop in the bucket.

If it’s one of those products that sold barely any copies, now might be a good time to take it out and re-examine it. If you’re happy the product is a good one, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to create passive income for you.

Let’s check to see if there’s anything more we can do, to give it more firepower…

7-Point Promotion Checklist

Have you:

Tweeted about it on Twitter? Facebook? FriendFeed?
Gathered testimonials?
Performed good SEO practices?
Announced it to your forums or mastermind groups?
Used focused article marketing?
Sent out press releases?
Done your best to help create a buzz?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, there may still be one thing more you have to do – and it’s actually the most important: Set up an affiliate program for it!

The real key to making passive income with information products lies in having lots of affiliates to market the product for you. Even if you’re giving them a hefty commission, it’s worth it because you’re building your list with pre-qualified prospects your affiliates have steered your way – and the next time you launch a product, you’ll have far more people to introduce it to.

Don’t just look laterally in your bid to find affiliates. If your product is not too low-ticket an item, approach “big name” affiliates too. The most important key to catching their interest? Offering a product their particular list will love.

Observing The Two T’s?

Still frustrated? There’s one final step to take: Test and track, to make sure there isn’t some glitch in the checkout process. And if all else fails, and your worst fear is confirmed – affiliates review it and are lukewarm, well – time to face the facts: You birthed a lemon. (Don’t worry: It was good experience, and you’ll do better next time!)

But all is not lost. Ever hear of “Repurposing?” Treat your product like PLR. Rip it apart, throw away the “bad” bits, and create something fresh, sparkly and new out of the ashes – perhaps an email course, an audio course, or several blog posts or articles.

That’s my final tip – never start over, when you can create a wonderful new dish out of ingredients you’ve already got.

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