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Do I Really Need Articles for My Website?

Understanding why articles are important to every business and how to make them work for you.

Do I Really Need Articles for My Website?

I have been writing for more years than I care to remember, but have really gotten into the SEO writing within the last couple of years. I have an extensive background in business and marketing and thrive on sharing what I have learned with others. Currently, I am the Manager of Writing for CWT Enterprises.

Simple answer is YES! Having well written articles published online is an essential element in SEO Marketing. There are a lot of viewpoints on what an article should be. It can become unclear to the average business owner what they need to do to have articles that will give them the biggest boost. Fret no more, CWT Enterprises wants to share with you why you need articles and what to look for in a good writing team.

So why are these articles so important anyway? To the average person browsing online they may not seem like they are that important, but take a moment and think about what often leads you to a website. I know for me it is often when I am searching for a certain topic. Let’s take dog training as an example. You have a company that sells potty pads and other puppy items so you have articles written about potty training that mentions the use of potty pads with a link to your site. Now here I am, I have a new puppy and want to know how to potty train, so I do a search for potty training and come across your very informative article. I have built trust in your company because you have offered me great advice, so of course I go to your site. Once there, I also see that you sell many other items that I know my furry friend will love thus converting me from a casual visitor into a buyer!

With the above example it is easy to see why quality articles are so important. So, how do you go about making sure you are getting the best quality for your money. First thing to remember, you get what you pay for. Hiring someone who doesn’t speak your native language is a waste of time and money. Cheap articles are cheap for a reason. Usually they are written by people with a poor understanding of grammar and spelling. Search engines won’t pick up on a few grammar mistakes, but they will if the entire article is full of them. This is not to mention that not only do you want your article found, but you want the readers to enjoy your article, and if it is full of mistakes, more than likely that reader will close your article and move on to a better written one, losing you a potential visitor to your site.

You want a writer that is more concerned about what the article says and how it will help the reader, in turn, giving the reader a desire to visit your site. An article that is seen ten thousand times, but is poorly written and therefore results in no one going to your site is worthless, but an article that is seen by the same ten thousand that offers the content the readers were looking for and results in a thousand visits to your site, well now that is worth something!

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