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Ebook Readers: Apple Ipad

Reading books on electronic devices has become a popular thing these days. The number is growing every day with the introduction of cell phones offering ebook reading capabilities and of course with the introduction of Apple's Ipad.

Ebook Readers: Apple Ipad

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Reading books on electronic devices has become a popular thing these days. The number is growing every day with the introduction of cell phones offering ebook reading capabilities and of course with the introduction of Apple’s Ipad. The Ipad has been released just recently. Is this something that you might considering purchasing if you want to read ebooks?

Without a doubt the size and feel of the Ipad makes it perfect for reading ebooks. It’s a great ebook reader in terms of size and weight. It’s a little heavier than a hardback but it can hold thousands of books making it great for reading.

The great thing about Ipad is that you can flip the pages of an ebook like a real book.Tthe device takes full advantage of the multi-touch technology. In addition to this amazing feature, it has a rotating shelf. This make you feel like you’re inside a virtual library.

However, there is one big disadvantage: The screen. The problem is that the screen reflects the lighting in the room. To read you will have to hold it in a way so that the light is not reflected directly to the screen. Similar devices do not have a problem like this. The screen behaves like paper. You can read even in direct lighting.

The battery life is good enough for an ebook reader. You can read non stop for a whole day without the need of recharging the battery. You will just have to charge it each day making sure you have enough battery power for the next day.

What formats can you read books on the iPad?

Another big advantage of the Ipad is that it can handle many different formats. The first is iBooks which is built into the device. This is Apple’s ebook market that you can purchase books through iTunes.

Another option is using the Kindle application. You might consider Kindle, because it has a much bigger selection than Apple’s iBookstore. Due to the fact that Kindle is free, you can use it without further investment on your Ipad.

You can use your internet browser to read books on Ipad as well. Ipad’s inbuilt browser can read HTML without any problems. There are thousands of books online in this format.

Other ebook publishers are interested in getting more readers. A lot of them offer apps that will work for the IPad making it an even better device to use for reading ebooks.

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