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Editing and Enhancing a Novel Using Layers

Writers would like to write a work of fiction plus have their particular rough draft an ideal work of art. But, writing does not function that way. Manuscripts are a labor of love.

Editing and Enhancing a Novel Using Layers

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A number of methods are available with regard to editing and enhancing a novel. They all have merit. One method involves layering your tale and then evaluating the strength of your figures, environment, and scenes.


Your rough draft will need to have the primary personas, hero, heroine, villain, as well as supporting characters. Assuming you have worked on the mandatory characterization, you ought to have principal figures with bodily features, character weaknesses, some sort of mystery that no person must ever find out, along with a past which makes them who they are at present.

Layering Characters

You can add more dimensions to your own personas simply by testing them. Does each character possess an internal goal, motivation and also discord? This simply means the figure has an internal goal they would like to accomplish, such as a mother seeking to find forgiveness from her own child. Your characters also need exterior objectives, motivations, and conflicting situations. An example could be the same mother desiring to enroll in college for the first time for the specific reason for meeting her son inside a class he teaches at the particular school.

Throughout Christian writing, a number of authors flesh their particular character types by incorporating unique interest eccentricities. For example, the particular son above who is some sort of teacher may possibly detest the way society improperly utilizes commas. And so, he creates the Comma Protection Society. An additional layer you might add to this character is some sort of psychological condition, like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder which would reveal the reason why the son stresses so very much about the incorrect use of commas by people.

Layering Environment

Layering environment is all about stability. Excessive explanation about the story world’s environment may cause the reader to become bored stiff. Not enough explanation leaves the reader scratching their head, wondering the actual stage directions for the character. In the event the teacher stares out his window at the snow, the particular readership will wonder when it snowed. Exactly why weren’t these people informed the temperature had dropped? Will this influence his mother coming to class?

Each and every page of a manuscript needs to present short descriptions regarding the character’s universe. You can make the setting come alive in the reader’s thoughts by simply having the particular character interact with the actual setting. Instead of writing the teacher noticed an icy layer of glaze on the pavement, you might write the particular teacher slipped and slid all over the sheet of glassy ice. He swished along the sidewalk until he arrived at a halt with a ripped pant seam in the crotch, a chipped eye glass lens, and a hurt ego.

Layering the Tale

Take a close look at your scenes. It is best to check the potency of the scenes by simply asking questions. What does my own persona desire during this scene? What activities encourage this particular drive? Precisely what opposing forces are going to impair the persona?

Look also at the actual story format. Is there a beginning, midsection, a growing conflict, a dark moment, a fall in tension, plus a solution? Have you foreshadowed the key occurrences? Are there scenes which are an information dump and offer no meaning? Delete it. Make sure you follow up with a major glance at your own grammar and punctuation.

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