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Essentials Of Article Distribution

Since the advent of the World Wide Web,article distribution has become one of the primary methods of advertising for businesses of any scale, responsible for up to and including ninety five percent of an online business's profit and success.

Essentials Of Article Distribution

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Since the advent of the World Wide Web,article distribution has become one of the primary methods of advertising for businesses of any scale, responsible for up to and including ninety five percent of an online business’s profit and success. Article distribution refers to a method of advertising that is as old as printed mass media itself.

As opposed to a direct, concise advertisement, article distribution disseminates knowledge of a product or service through articles written about a subject that is tangential to them, with references attached pointing toward the company or business through which one can acquire those products and services. So for example, an article written for a company selling wigs might be about male pattern baldness or alopecia, then referring the reader to that company to potentially purchase a wig.

The idea is that instead of grabbing a reader’s attention with garish adverts, articles containing information that is pertinent and enlightening to intended consumers will better draw their consideration. The distribution in article distribution refers to the practice of articles being hosted in places where consumers are likely to actively seek them out, as opposed to advertisements aimed at as many passersby as possible in hopes of catching those of concern. This is how article marketing works.

Having then read the articles, consumers then follow the references attached, resulting in new customers and increased sales. Though at first glance it seems like a fully written and researched article might not be a wise use of time and effort for advertising, the very profitable nature of article distribution is a result of the relationship between the article writers, and their publishers.

In print form, article distribution was handled between a company and a publisher of printed media, typically magazines or news papers, but also brochures and pamphlets. Company advertisers are happy to provide articles relating to their products, which constitute content for publishers who are happy to provide content to their publications. Articles are usually accepted without a fee in exchange for the company’s right to provide references. For publishers, this free content results in a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

On the internet, the specifics are different but the principles behind article distribution are largely unchanged. Publishers, in this case usually of websites or blogs, are again happy to accept free content for their publications with the stipulation that the article writers be allowed to refer back to their company. However, the internet allows article distributers to take things a step further. Since web space is cheap, or even free of cost entirely, articles can be distributed on a much, much larger scale. Many companies even have their own websites and blogs on which to host their own articles, meaning that instead of one article appearing in a place with high readership, dozens of articles or even the same article can appear all over the web.

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