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From Transform Technical To Terrific With Video

If your ecommerce site sells fairly technical equipment or you sell in a business to business environment, you may benefit from transforming some of your materials into video for a more lively and engaging presentation.

From Transform Technical To Terrific With Video

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If your ecommerce site sells fairly technical equipment or you sell in a business to business environment, you may benefit from transforming some of your materials into video for a more lively and engaging presentation.

Even technical people struggle with technical materials

It truly does not matter how technical or intelligent or geeky a person is, just about everyone prefers to receive information in ways that allow for simpler comprehension. This often means presenting information in more than one way so that it can be seen and read but also heard. Technical ecommerce business owners might consider taking advantage of this standard educational technique to sell more products.

Start with your current material

The good news is that you probably do not, have to create new material. If your website has technical documents, white papers and articles about your product, you have the right material to start. For example, if you sell software and you have a white paper on the value of the function that your software performs within your industry, it may have great information but it might also be considered a bit dry to read. This is a great document to reconstitute as a video eBook.

Reconstruct the paper as a video in chapters or sections

Begin by dividing the paper into sensible sections or chapters. These chapters can be individual videos within your eBook library on site.

Re think presentation

Rethink presentation, considering other methods to convey information such as graphs, tables, case studies, interviews and so on. For example, you may start your white paper with some background on the industry your software services. You can use a talking head describing the industry while rolling film of the industry in action, e.g., entertainment, health care, retail and so on.

You can film a person using your software, interspersing video of the program in action with screen shots. For example, if your software is for medical practice management, you can create a scene where a patient is checking in and the receptionist is using the system, cutting to shots of the intake screen with a demonstration of its links to the insurance screen or past medical history screen and so on.

Utilize your company experts to provide information

You might interview your founder about how he came up with the idea for the product. Or, interview content experts who can describe the thought process behind a scheduling function or a relational table.

Add satisfied customers if you can

As you move through the presentation, you can film examples of the product in action in a client facility. Or, you can ask permission to incorporate clips from an industry related event that provides useful background information, such as a scientific conference speaker describing the need for high speed, high volume data screening as a backdrop to your new analyzer.

Build the eBook as a book with video incorporated

Build the book to look like a book with video incorporated onto the pages. Add links to supporting material on the books pages as well.

This format will likely draw many more readers for your white paper than your former, one dimensional paper version did.

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