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Helping Your Child Learn How to Read

There are many different ways you can help your child learn how to read and love reading. Here are a few tips.

Helping Your Child Learn How to Read

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There are many different ways you can help your child learn how to read and love reading. Here are a few tips.

Reading is a critical skill to have in today’s competitive world. Without the ability to read, a child will suffer tremendously in school at the hands of his or her teachers and peers.

Public schools do not have enough time to help children who struggle with reading learn how to do it well through one on one time. This is part of why parents are so vitally important to the learning and education of their child.

It is very important that you put in the effort to help your child learn how to read if he or she is struggling with it. Studies have shown that simply reading to your child every day can significantly help them in school.

Even if the child does not read to you, he or she can pick up language formulation and problem solving skills through a simple story book. These studies have shown that toddlers who are read to every day do significantly better in school than toddlers of a similar age that are only read to once or twice a week.

The study also showed that these children tend to be better at math and using logic skills. Helping your child learn how to read can greatly increase his or her chances of being successful throughout life.

By reading to your child every day, you will be setting the example. You will be showing them how exciting and interesting books can be.

You will be showing them how important it is to read. They will begin to understand that they will be able to learn a variety of things from books and participate in a variety of adventures if they learn how to read.

Instead of turning on the television to watch a show together, you may want to try pulling out a book and reading together. This can be a very rich and rewarding experience for both you and your child.

Some parents make the mistake of thinking that if their child cannot read because he or she is too young, he or she will not understand what is going on if you read to them. This is not true.

Young children love listening to their parents. In addition, by reading to them you will be creating a strong foundation that will help them learn how to read.

Even if your child does not understand the words you are saying, you can help him or her learn by pointing at the pictures and saying the word. Your child will be able to quickly learn what words mean and they will be able to develop a special bond with you.

Try to keep your stories simple and read things that have pictures of items they come across frequently in their everyday lives. This will help them cross the communication barrier even faster.

Another benefit of turning off the television and turning to a book is that a book allows the child’s imagination to wander and create another story. Meanwhile, the television only allows them to eat up what is dished to them.

After you have read a book, do not simply put it aside. Talk with your child about what happened.

A quick summary can sometimes help a child understand more of what happened. Later on, the child will be able to talk with you about the book, but for now you may simply have to go back and explain it and point out interesting things your child may not have noticed.

Talk about different shapes and colors that are present in the book and reinforce various words that you said a lot throughout the story. If your child can talk back to you, ask him or her questions about the characters or pictures in the book.

As him or her which things he or she liked about it or whether they did not like the book. Test him or her to determine how many shapes or colors he or she can pick out of one picture.

When a child finds a favorite story, it is likely that he or she will want you to read it over and over. If this is the case, you may get sick and tired of the book.

You may have the book memorized, but you should realize that your child learns something new every time it is read to him or her. Read this book again upon request, but mix in other books as well.

Do not take this favorite book away or hide it. You may catch your child looking at it and trying to read it on his or her own.

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