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How to Hire Guest Bloggers to Write Blog Posts

A guest blogger is someone that can write content for your blog that is relevant to your subject and interesting to your readers. Though they do not have to write in exactly the same style and tone as you do, you generally want them to write in a similar tone.

How to Hire Guest Bloggers to Write Blog Posts

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If you are just starting out writing a blog you are probably not thinking about adding guest bloggers. Though it is not something you have to think about from day one it is something you should think about early on.

Guest bloggers can alleviate some of the burden of having to post on your blog frequently. Guest bloggers can also help keep your blog going during a planned or unplanned absence.

Choosing a Guest Blogger

A guest blogger is someone that can write content for your blog that is relevant to your subject and interesting to your readers. Though they do not have to write in exactly the same style and tone as you do, you generally want them to write in a similar tone.

If you know the blogger you want to ask to be a guest blogger on your site then the screening process is simple. Other options include asking writers for a sample blog posting so you can evaluate their style or choosing a guest blogger from someone who contributes to your blog presently.

The reliability of your guest blogger is crucial.

Introducing Your Guest Blogger

A guest blogger should be introduced to your readers. The introduction should include a brief bio of the guest blogger as well as information about when they will be posting and if necessary why they will be posting (e.g. if you have a planned absence from your blog).

You can add a guest blogger for comic relief as well. In that case your introduction should be humorous and let your readers know they are in for some fun. It is perfectly fine for your guest blogger or guest bloggers to be posting when you are posting as well.

There are many highly successful blogs that have multiple blog writers. It is not necessary for your blog to be in one voice only. You can have writers with different viewpoints or areas of expertise. You can also have different writers for different topics on your site.

The thing to keep in mind is that though you may control your blog and all of its content, it does not mean that you have to be the sole content creator. Guest bloggers or regular contributors can help your blog stay fresh, interesting and frequently updated.

Even if your blog has not yet been started now is a good time to start thinking about additional writers for your blog.

Affiliate Programs and Blogs

Affiliate programs may prove to be your best friend. The right affiliate programs can transform a blog into a cash machine. Affiliate networking should be considered by all bloggers. Try to devote proper resources to joining and maintaining effective affiliate relationships.

Joining Affiliate Programs

Before you rush to join affiliate programs for advertisers you want to first sit down and identify who your blog’s target market is. Be as specific as you can. Once you know who your target market is you want to identify what is important to your market.

Join affiliate programs of advertisers that have products or services that will interest your readers. Your goal is to choose advertisers that will likely result in a conversion (sale). Many bloggers lose focus. Do not try to pick ads that make their blog seem important. Pick ads that will generate revenue.

Join only the affiliate programs of advertisers that will genuinely interest your readers.

Integrating Affiliate Links into Blog

Create blog postings about products or services you feel strongly about. Write a well written blog posting that includes one or more links to affiliate websites that offer those products or services.

It is important that the link you add to the blog posting include any tracking code needed so you get credit for the sale through the affiliate network.

Images can include hyperlinks to retailers or suppliers of the product or service you are writing about. In addition you can invite readers to “read more” with a link to the page on a website that is relevant to your target market.

You do not want to go overboard with promoting products or services with every blog posting or your readers may think you are not being genuine. Your integrity is important to maintain while blogging.

Integrating Affiliate Ads on Your Blog

Affiliate ads can be integrated on your blog. Typically the affiliate ads appear on the sides of the blog as well as the bottom of the blog. Keep in mind that the higher an ad appears on the page the more effective it will be.

Typically adding affiliate ads to your blog is part of a pay-per-click arrangement where you are paid every time someone from your site clicks on their ad and goes to their site and completes a purchase.

A blogger looking to make money should integrate affiliate links into their postings and affiliate ads onto their blog.

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