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How to Make Comedy Writing a Career Choice

The best place to start your trip into the world of comedy is in front of your mirror. Here you can practice your jokes and comedy routines until they are perfect, with no one to put you down or laugh in the wrong places.

How to Make Comedy Writing a Career Choice

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The best place to start your trip into the world of comedy is in front of your mirror. Here you can practice your jokes and comedy routines until they are perfect, with no one to put you down or laugh in the wrong places. You can watch yourself perform and try out various movements until you are satisfied with them – and then perhaps you can ask your friends what they think.

The only trouble with friends are that they don’t like to be unkind, so unless you know they are honest, take what they say with a grain of salt. Performing in front of family and friends is good in that it gives you confidence in yourself. You’ll know that you can stand up on stage and go through your spiel without missing any lines. This knowledge is invaluable for when you do your first performance in front of strangers.

Your first performance might be at a larger family gathering of a birthday party, wedding breakfast or some other celebration. Or it could be at the local pub, a nightclub or bar, many of which have open mic. nights. Take along a friend or some family for support and to videotape your act, and then you can watch it afterwards and see how to improve. Don’t worry if the audience doesn’t laugh much; most of them will probably be amateur comedians themselves, waiting for their turn. Since they are the competition, they may not be too free with praise and applause.

The next step up in your climb to comedian fame is the club. Clubs often run Bringer nights where anyone can do a routine on stage if they bring five or so others that are paying customers. These shows are usually slotted in early in the show, before the advertised acts.

Although you might be eager to jump in there and show people what you can do, it doesn’t hurt to do some training. Watching other comedians perform either live or on DVD will help you hone your skills, but an acting or drama school will also give you skills that you may not pick up from watching others perform.

Besides, not everyone you watch will be a good comedian and you don’t want to pick up any bad habits. Becoming successful at anything takes a lot of hard work and practice; being a comedian is no different. But if it is something you love doing, all that hard work and practice will seem like fun.

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