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How to Write an Ebook: One Common Question from First-Time Writers

Writing an ebook and self-publishing it is not hard - at all. That is, the actual writing is not hard. Many get hung up on this one question though, before they ever start. This is what it is - and the answer to it. Now, start writing!

How to Write an Ebook: One Common Question from First-Time Writers

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Writing an ebook and self-publishing it is not hard – at all. That is, the actual writing is not hard. What’s difficult is finding the time to write and dedicating yourself to the process so you actually finish, instead of letting your project languish on your hard drive.

If you want to learn how to write an ebook, keep the above in mind – for if you can overcome this hurdle, then the other common questions, problems and conundrums will be relatively easy to deal with. And, speaking of these additional hurdles, following is one common one – and the answer to it.

Common How to Write an Ebook Question: How Many Pages Should It Be

This depends on many factors. Following are the main three.

I. The purpose of the ebook: Some ebooks are written as pre-sales tools for other products and services; yet others are written to teach someone how to do something (this makes up a large percentage of ebooks); others are works of fiction and can be the length of a romance novel or longer.

So there is no one set answer to this question. But, if you’re writing in the “How To” genre, it’s been my experience that ebooks should fall in the 30-75 page range.

Any shorter and it doesn’t cover the subject matter succinctly enough; any longer and it can seem overwhelming to the reader.

II. The subject matter: You can write an ebook on anything, but one of the most popular is the “how to” genre. The reason this type of e-publication is so popular is because many people purchase them looking for a specific answer to a specific question/problem.

III. How broad or narrow your approach is: And, that’s why most publications written in this genre tend to be very niche and topic specific. So if you wanted to write an ebook on “How to Write an Ebook,” you wouldn’t talk about publishing in general, you’d stick to the very narrow topic of writing “ebooks.”

Some of the things you’d probably discuss is how to convert the ebook to a pdf file, the best ways to sell ebooks online, how to make money selling ebooks, etc.

Of course there are many more factors that can influence the length. But, when learning how to write an ebook, remember, the more specific and narrowly you approach your topic, the shorter it will be. And, if you give good information that thoroughly answers a prospect’s question, you have a good chance of having a great little seller on your hands, if you’ve done your ebook keyword research.

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