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Keeping Your Scripture Study Fun and Interesting for the Family

If you want to keep your family and children interested in learning about the scriptures, you need to make sure that you make your scripture study times fun, and interesting. This article suggests different ways to keep your family members involved and interested at all times.

Keeping Your Scripture Study Fun and Interesting for the Family

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If you like to hold family scripture study on a weekly or even daily basis, keeping all of the members of your family interested in can be very difficult at times.

With different ages, attention spans, and learning techniques, keeping everyone happy can be quite a trial.

However, developing good scripture study habits at a young age can make a very big difference in your family life, and in the lives of each person in your home.

The scriptures can teach us stories and values to help us to better ourselves, and learn more about our Heavenly Father, and the prophets.

Helping your family to appreciate the scriptures from a very young age is doing them a great service that will last them a lifetime. If you do not already do this in your home, today is the perfect day to start.

Starting young is a great idea, as it will teach them a love of the doctrine and the stories in the scriptures. There are more basic versions and helps so that they can better understand what they are learning.

There are scripture based videos for children that will teach them different principles and stories in a way that they can understand.

Even though they may initially read only the most basic of words, such as “a” and “the,” they enjoyed being able to participate with their parents in reading.

Read actual scriptures. Though they may not understand everything you read to them, you can explain it to them in a way that they can comprehend and relate.

The Bible and other sets of scripture were given to us for a reason, and learning the things written in them is very important. Be sure to explain the things that you read, and help them to get a grasp of the concepts and stories.

Be sure to study different topics as well, not solely the stories. This will help you to get a more well rounded education of the morals and principles that you want to teach.

Try linking several scriptures into topics to assist your children to not only learn the scriptures and to become familiar with them, but also to have a better grasp of gospel principles.

Use the topical guide in the back to help you pick a principle you want to study further, and to find difference references to help you.

You may discover hidden verses and treasures that you otherwise may not have found. Be sure to include games and activities, especially if you have little ones.

They will not have the attention span that an adult will, and using games will help them to stay more involved and happy. Many games and fun activities can be developed that will help in reinforcing the concepts of the scriptures.

Parents can design games or discover many different and fun concepts in activity books. You can even look online for different games that you can print off.

You can find different bingo print-offs, matching games, word searches, and more. Be creative in your different ideas-the more creative you are, the more they will enjoy the time that you spend learning the gospel as a family.

Be sure to allow room for personal expression. Reading together takes on a whole new meaning if the child is expected to report on what he or she has read.

The more questions you ask them, the more carefully they will listen to find the answers. Make it a game if you need to, to keep them focused.

Make your study as much of a habit as possible. Try being consistent with the time that you read every day, so that it becomes a part of your routine.

The more second nature it becomes, the less argument you will have when that time rolls around each day. Reading together will become a habit that everyone will grow to love and look forward to on a daily basis.

The better an example you set when it comes to learning about and loving the words that are taught in these books of revelation, the more your children will follow this example.

Search for more ideas on the internet to help involve children of all different ages, and try different supplementing products such as storybooks, videos and more.

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