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Learning the Magical Lessons of the Princess Tales

There are many different things that can be learned from princess stories. These lessons can even help an adult navigate the world he or she lives in.

Learning the Magical Lessons of the Princess Tales

Terry Daniels has been working with children’s self-esteem programs for the past 10 years. He has written hundreds of articles about confidence and real-life fairytales. He recommends (www.princessfestival.com) for the ultimate princess experience.

While many parents are skeptical of the things that the Disney princesses represent, most of these concerns are created from an adult perspective that children do not even think about. If you take a minute to think back to your own childhood, you probably adored the Princesses and dreamed of being in the story yourself.

Your favorite princess probably inspired you because she was beautiful, kind, smart, loving, considerate, and had a large group of animal friends and sang beautifully. Sure, she had problems, but she overcame them morally and courageously.

In the end, she was saved by a handsome and good Prince Charming. Given all of these things, the princess may not be such a bad role model.

This is especially the case when you compare the model to many of today’s celebrities who do not have or practice morals. Many of today’s celebrities live sad tales of scandal, drugs, and depression.

These are not good role models in any way. However, there are many other good things that can be learned from the Princess tales.

The first thing that your child may learn by watching the princesses is to never stop trying to become the best she can be. In many of the stories, change occurs and lessons are learned that help the princess become the best that she can be.

In addition, the princesses are all very kind, caring, and empathetic. These qualities are things that are often lacking in modern celebrities and in children as they grow older and realize how dark the world actually is.

However, by holding onto these characteristics because of watching the princesses your child can hang to a part of the magic and light of their childhood. As she becomes kind, caring, and empathetic, she will be able to spread this light to others.

As a result, others may pick up these qualities and pass it on. If all movies were realistic, they would all be very depressing and sad.

In a dark and cold world, it is important to have hope for what the world can be like. This hope is the only thing that will drive future generations to make the world a better place.

The princesses are also good role models in the fact that they are kind to animals. Too many animals are neglected or abused today.

By instilling a love for animals, your child will be able to build rewarding relationships with pets that could completely change his or her life. It is very important that future generations learn to be kind to animals.

In addition, the princesses are usually brave and courageous. There are many things that can scare a child from going to school for the first time to making new friends.

The example of the princesses can help them overcome these things confidently and bravely. As they become more confident, they will be more willing to stand up for what is right instead of giving into peer pressure.

Too many children give into peer pressure thinking that is what is going to make them happy. However, by standing up to their friends, their friends will often give more respect to them and they will secretly wish they were more confident and brave as well.

Likewise, some of the stories teach endurance and never giving up even when the trials seem endless. Even if your child’s friends tease her, the princesses can help her withstand continued peer pressure and she will continue doing the right thing.

The story of Cinderella in particular shows enduring hard trials and presents the idea that those hard times do not define you. Your child can still become whoever he or she wants to be.

In addition, some of the stories teach that real beauty is kindness and it begins on the inside. For example, the story of Beauty and the Beast shows that outside appearances are not everything, but that you have to look inside to see the real beauty of a person.

In addition to being kind to animals, many princesses show kindness to people who are not as fortunate as she is. This is a very important lesson for children to learn.

Too many people in need of help are passed by because of unwillingness to help or business. Some people simply do not recognize the need.

While the magic of the Princess stories may fade with time, these critical lessons will stay with your child and help them navigate the adult world. Hopefully, she will continue to pass these stories down to her children.

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