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Make A Book Cover: Cover Creation Tips When You Sell Books Online

Many people make easy money online when they sell books online. If you're into selling books/ebooks, you should remember to make a book cover for each item to entice more people to purchase what you're selling.

Make A Book Cover: Cover Creation Tips When You Sell Books Online

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Most people who are in search of books to buy usually spend a number of seconds looking at the front and back covers. In fact, there are people who decide to make purchases because they find the covers interesting, creative, or attention grabbing. When you sell books online, or own a bookstore around the corner, it is essential that you learn some tips on how to make a book cover, specifically one that helps sell the product. If you wish to make easy money online via your book sales, follow these tips:

Front Cover Essentials

The best book covers are the ones that do not only include the title and the author’s name in the front, but also showcase some short feedback/testimonials from famous people e.g. actresses, editors of famous magazines, famous authors, and so on. You see, a book’s front cover serves as an advertisement, or a billboard. If the cover is very plain, or ugly, people will think of the book as a ‘boring read’.

When you sell books online or ‘offline’, therefore, you need to make a book cover that’s catchy. Front covers should also match the books’ personalities, the theme of the book, and so on. If your covers are able to communicate clear messages to people, you’ll be able to make easy money online through your books. Remember too that the best book covers are ones that have fonts that are easy to see/read. The background colors of your covers should also complement the color of your fonts.

Back Cover Requirements

The back cover of the book is also important as most people check that out longer than when they check out the front book cover. When you actually sell books online or, even sell the ‘traditional way’, here are some of the things you should not forget to include whenever you make a book cover at the back portion:

First and foremost, you should come up with a headline that tells people who will benefit a lot from the book, or who should buy it e.g. is it meant for students, for women, for men, etc? Remember too that the best book covers (for the back part) are those that have sales copies explaining the subject matter of the novel, or what it is about. Another pointer you should remember is that you can also make easy money online in a quicker manner if you include some positive remarks of critics about the novel/book you’re offering, or ‘awards’ that your book has received (if any).

These (the front cover tips and the back cover tips) are two of the most important techniques when you plan to make a book cover that ‘sells’. You can’t sell books online successfully if the covers of the books are not strong and interesting enough to attract buyers.

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