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More About Cover Letters

A cover letter is attached to the resume before submission. Usually, the hiring managers read this letter in order to decide which person is fit for the job.

More About Cover Letters

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A cover letter is a letter of introduction. This letter contains a brief explanation of who the applicant is and why he or she is writing to that person. It is common among resumes. It is also an act of courtesy for the applicant introduces himself or herself first before requesting a favor or anything from them. In most cases, the applicant is requesting for an interview, which is why they put on a cover letter.

There various instances wherein a company requires a cover letter for their applicants. Applicants are required to write a cover letter if they are not properly introduced to the hiring decision manager. If the applicant is properly introduced to the hiring manager, then he or she can verbally ask for an interview thus it is not necessary for the resume. It is always best if you have it whenever you are job hunting just to make sure.

In contrast, if the applicant is sending the resume by email or snail mail, then he or she must attach a cover letter. The same holds true when the applicant is handing the resume to a friend or to the managers secretary.

Always keep it simple and brief. The hiring managers do not read cover letters from start to end. They only have time to glance at them to finish a high pile. Three or four paragraphs should be enough, and is ideal in most cases.

Many people give a long autobiography that is often unnecessary. People also tend to repeat their information. This is clearly a waste of time between the reader and applicants time.

Contents of a Cover Letter
There are four major topics to consider when writing a cover letter. The applicant must address these topics in a brief manner so that the hiring manager will have an easy time reading it.

The first topic is to indicate what position you are applying. Then, state the reason how you learned that the company has a vacancy on that position. After that, specify in the letter why you are the perfect person for the position. Lastly, ask them whether you or the company will make the first call. Usually, the first and second topics are written in the first paragraph while the third and last topic is written in separate paragraphs.

Cover Letter Format
Cover letters are usually short and only about one page in length. It is divided into four parts, which are the header, body, introduction, and closing.

Header is a standard style in business letters. You must write the senders address and information as well as the recipients address and information. You must also write the date. After that, there is an optional reference point like RE: Internship Opportunity. There is also an optional transmission memo or note like Via Email to (state an email address).The last part of a header is the salutation like Dear Sir or Madam.

The introduction states the position that the applicant desires. This must also be written in a manner that will catch the employers interest.

The body explains why the applicant is interested in a particular position. In addition, this part of the cover letter includes discussions about skills, past experiences and qualifications.

Closing is the final part of the cover letter. It indicates the step that the applicant wants to take.

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