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Personalized Books for Valentines Day

Do you fantasize about traveling to faraway places for a wild adventure? You may even have been reading a book and pictured you and your partner as the main characters.

Personalized Books for Valentines Day

U Star Novels pushes the boundaries in the innovative use of personalization. Personalized Romance Novels, various Personalized Books For You and Your Partner, include 10% discount code DCROMANCE at http://hubpages.com/hub/TOP-Gifts-Star-In-Your-Own-Personalised-Novel

Do you fantasize about traveling to faraway places for a wild adventure? You may even have been reading a book and pictured you and your partner as the main characters.

Now your fantasy can become a reality with the help of your own personalized romance novel this coming Valentines Day.

U Star Novels lets you be the star of your own personalized book while also being able to choose who stars in the story with you. If this sounds like the perfect gift for the one you love, you can order a gift voucher which will enable your partner to order the book of his or her choosing.

A U Star Novels gift voucher can give your partner the ability to choose from any of the romance novels that are available as well as choose who plays the other roles in the story as well.

Rosanna Robinson, 21, from High Wycombe in the UK found the personalized book a great choice for her hubby:

‘I chose ‘Amsterdam Lessons’ and included details like his nickname ‘Bubba’ – I call him that because he’s a big bear. I worried Alan might think the book was too girly. But he rang to tell me how much he’d enjoyed it.’

What are the possible scenarios? These personalized books come in a variety of choices as well as a variety of ratings. The husband could rescue his wife as a damsel in distress and then be rewarded with her appreciation for your gallant efforts.

Keep in mind these personalized romance novels are for adults. When ordering the personalized books, you can check out the ratings for the romance novels that are available so you will know how much of a steamy love story to expect from your personalized book. Here is an example excerpt from Fever In France:

‘It was vibrant and busy inside and the wine was flowing readily. For a second, in between the laughter and the chattering, Peter drifted off, back to Swansea and back to his job at IBM. The events of the last week had moved so fast and been so intense that the normal world of working and commuting through the rat race seemed a million years away. He smiled and a tingle ran down his spine as he snapped back into the movie-like reality of his present. Rose was sitting opposite tackling a slice of pizza that was altogether too big for her mouth; and dropping stringy cheese all down her beautiful new blue dress. She looked down at the result of the cheese and laughed. A slither of it had landed right between her firm breasts and as she fished it out, pulling her dress away from her chest as she did, a passing waiter caught an eye full. The waiter proceeded to trip over a chair and fling his tray of drinks onto the floor.’

A single lip rating denotes a sensual style with some suggestive language. A double lips rating is steamier and includes vivid language and sexual scenes. Three lips represent a scorching hot personalized romance novel that is highly graphic and sexually charged. Four lips is the spiciest choice dealing with steamy romance in these personalized novels.

These personalized books are love stories where the hero and heroine may find themselves in an array of destinations with any sexual situation coming into play. Its the perfect staying-in experience on Valentines Day with your partner.

These personalized romantic novels could be among the best Valentines Day gifts your partner has ever received. Now, with the help of being able to give them a gift voucher to acquire a personalized book, all you have to do is sit back and let them choose how steamy they want things to transpire.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to reap some unexpected rewards from your thoughtful and unique gift.

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