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Reading Fantasy Books to Children

Some parents believe it is good to read fantasy books to children while other parents believe that it is better not to. Both sides are justified in different cases.

Reading Fantasy Books to Children

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Many parents enjoy debating whether fantasy is good for children or not. Most parents come to a personal belief about fairy tales and then encourage their children to either read them or not to read them.

When it comes down to it, fairy tales can be either good or bad, depending on what you choose to emphasize in the story and on which fairy tales you read to your children. Some modern fairy tales are designed for adults rather than children.

However, most fairy tales started out as entertainment for the adult rather than the child. When adults became tired of them, they passed them on to their children and they became a component of the nursery.

It is very important that parents understand that children need creativity and things that stimulate their imagination. Creativity and imaginative activities are an essential part of childhood.

The young years of childhood are the best time for a child to develop his or her imagination and creative abilities. These creative abilities can help a child be very successful when he or she enters the adult world.

Fairy tales and fiction story books can help a child expand his or her imagination and creative abilities. These stories can also teach a child to be hopeful for the future.

In most children’s fiction books, the main character is a good person who is faced with a lot of challenges that he or she must overcome. Even though the future may look daunting for that character, the child will be able to watch as the character, with the help of friends, overcomes each of these seemingly impossible challenges.

Hope is critical to passion. Without hope that the future can be better, it is hard for a person to find a passion about anything.

With hope, it is much easier to find a passion about something because many things can make the future better and can help you overcome your difficulties. The major concern that most parents have when it comes to fairy tales is that their child will come to believe the fantastic solutions to various problems are real, such as a fairy god mother.

They are worried that their child will then rely on these fantastic solutions in real life and become severely disappointed when they realize that they are not real. However, most children who are properly coached by their parents can realize that while much of the fairy tales are made up, there are some good lessons to be learned from reading them and that they can be read for fun.

Some children may actually have a problem distinguishing reality from fiction, but this is not the majority of children. Parents who have children with reality issues, should not force other children not to read fairy tales.

On the other hand, parents who do read fairy tales to their children should not criticize parents who choose not to read fairy tales to their children. Every parent should know from firsthand experience that each child is very different from another.

Due to the difference between each child, every parent may have to choose differently on whether or not to read fairytale books. There are two main reactions that can be observed in children who have fantasy books read to them.

The first reaction is a passive dedication. Children with passive dedication towards fairytale books will enjoy having the stories read to them and they will appreciate the storyline, but they do not transpose the fiction to reality.

The second reaction is full devotion. A child with full devotion towards fantasy books will absolutely love fantasy books and may or may not be able to distinguish the fiction from reality.

A parent who has a child with full devotion towards fantasy books needs to carefully monitor whether or not his or her child fully understands what is real and what is not. However, sometimes it is too late to avoid disappointing a child with the truth of what is reality and what is not if you put off talking to them about it.

When a child is disappointed, he or she may swing the other way and start avoiding fairy tales. While this may be more desirable, there are many life lessons that the child is missing out on by not reading fairy tales.

Most children do not have any problems with reading fantasy and distinguishing whether it is real or not. However, parents should be considerate of what other parents decide in regards to reading fantasy books and their children.

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