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Reading With Your Child

There are many benefits to reading with your children. Here are only a few of the benefits.

Reading With Your Child

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Stories have a tremendous impact on the world. They have the ability to change the world for the better, particularly if they are read to children.

In the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is a lot that Americans seem to put off because they do not have time for it. However, reading has so many benefits both for the reader and for those that listen that time needs to be found for this activity.

When adults read to children, children learn to love reading. Children need to learn how to read in order to navigate the adult world when they reach it.

They cannot succeed without this ability. Children have a capability to imagine that adults simply do not have.

In particular, children between the ages of three and seven have a strong ability to be able to imagine. The more children imagine in their minds during these ages, the more creative they tend to be later in life.

Books facilitate the imagination and encourage children to imagine more things. This is particularly the case when parents read to them when they are still too young to read.

Even though the television tells many of the same stories, it takes away the element of imagination from the story. This hinders the creative ability that many children would have otherwise enjoyed when they grow older.

Too many parents simply set their kids in front of the television and let them lose this creativity so that they can get things done. Parents need to protect this imagination and creativity by reading them stories.

Studies have shown the television causes children to go into a passive alpha state. This inhibits the mind from growing and stretching as much as it should at this stage.

The growing mind needs to be stretched by live conversation, interaction with others, and play. Even the most educational shows are really designed to sell products rather than to teach and are therefore not very helpful to your children.

Studies are also beginning to show that learning disabilities, attention efficiency, speech defects, and aggressive behavior are all linked to overdoses of TV, video games, and pop music. In addition to these learning problems, children who watch too much television tend to have spending problems later in life.

These children also tend to be followers rather than leaders that go out and make something of their lives. Books stimulate ideas and encourage children to follow the ideas they have and make them a part of real life.

In addition, doing something with your child does not have to be stressful . Even though your child may be full of energy, it may be the one time that he or she sits down for longer than five minutes.

It can be very relaxing to read with your child every night and it can help settle them down for bed. When you begin to read, you both enter another world.

This world is private, full of dignity, love, and magic. When you read together it helps the child to connect reading with joy and pleasure.

This association will help him or her train himself or herself to have a longer attention span. It will also help your child read even when it is not pleasurable, such as when he or she is in college and has to read a lot of dry textbooks.

In addition, your child will learn when you read. Even fairytales contain facts about science, history, geography, math, social studies and so forth.

You may also find satisfaction in reading non-fiction books together as well. Your child may love seeing pictures of birds in your area and learning all about them.

It also shows your child how much you love to read and shows them how they should read. When it comes times for him or her to read, he or she will be much more likely to want to learn how to read because you read to your child.

In addition, stories often teach your child to watch out for and be empathetic towards others. These stories show different circumstances and lifestyles that lead to different attitudes and the empathy that others feel for certain characters.

In addition to increasing the vocabulary and grammar of a child as well as helping him or her improve his or her writing skills, the child is much more likely to stay in school if he or she can read. Reading is too valuable not to do with your child.

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