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Reference Letter Writing Pointers: Making An Effective Letter Of Recommendation

Being asked to create a letter of recommendation can be considered an honor, especially if you're requested to come up with job recommendation letters. This piece discusses some reference letter writing tips so you can write a letter effectively.

Reference Letter Writing Pointers: Making An Effective Letter Of Recommendation

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There will surely be an instance wherein you’ll be asked to write a letter, to be specific the letter of recommendation so that a person can be considered for a position, or so that an individual can get a specific job. Some people think that making job recommendation letters are difficult, when in fact, they’re really not – you just have to know and apply reference letter writing tips so you’ll successfully create what is asked for you. Here are several:

Tip A: State what your actual relationship is with the individual.

For the missive to be credible, one of the very first things you’ll need to mention immediately is how you are related to the candidate. Whenever you write a letter, specifically for reference or recommendation purposes, you should state whether you are his or her supervisor, the person’s colleague, his or her professor, and the like. Since the letter of recommendation is created to convince other people to accept someone e.g. in college, or to hire someone, you have to mention your actual relationship as it will help determine the credibility of the letter.

Part of the list of reference letter writing pointers is to also indicate in job recommendation letters how long you have worked with or have known the individual. The longer you’ve known someone, the more credible you’ll be or the missive will be in the eyes of the receivers.

Tip B: Describe why the person has an edge over other applicants or candidates.

Anyone asked to write a letter, most especially the so called letter of recommendation should also describe the individual in such a way that will help ‘tell’ the employer, University Dean, etc, why it is a good idea for them to accept ‘your candidate’ over the others. This tip should be applied when composing job recommendation letters, college admission letters, and so on. Indicate the actual skills and characteristics of the candidate, his or her awards and accomplishments, etc. You should also see to it that you give specific examples, not only make a list of the person’s positive attributes, qualities, and so forth.

Other reference letter writing tips that you should never forget include: using powerful and positive words like: ‘dedicated’, ‘exceptional’, ‘innovative’, instead of using words that only have ‘soft impact’ such as: ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’, ‘adequate’, etc; refraining from writing anything negative about the individual; among others. When making a letter of recommendation, of course, you should not forget too how important it is for the missive to be free from spelling errors and grammar errors, thus, when college entrance letters, job recommendation letters, and all that, always proofread first before giving the letters to the receivers.

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