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Sidney Sheldon novels

A novel is something that you would just love to read on any day as it is one tool that can transform you into a whole new world. There are many novelists out there who have made a remarkable reputation with the kind of creations they have churned out to entertain readers like you.

Sidney Sheldon novels

The best of Sidney Sheldon,..Collection of his bestselling novels.


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A novel is something that you would just love to read on any day as it is one tool that can transform you into a whole new world. There are many novelists out there who have made a remarkable reputation with the kind of creations they have churned out to entertain readers like you. Amongst them, there are certain novelists who have been absolutely phenomenal in terms of the success and the fame they have achieved with the amazing books they have contributed. The one legend, who has offered you a reading experience that has been revealing and mysterious at the same time, is Sidney Sheldon.

Sidney Sheldon books have been a source of great entertainment for one and all as these novels are really well written and have a riveting storyline. Though Sidney Sheldon had done some really impressive work in the past in the television and the musical industry, true fame came to him from his novels. Famous TV series like ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and ‘The Patty Duke Show’ were also created by him. He broke into the writing scene with the novel, ‘The Naked Face’ that was a smashing success. After this novel, he came out with several best selling novels that have been successfully adapted into movies and TV series.

One of his greatest creations was ‘The Other side of Midnight’ that told the story of two fascinating women Noelle Page and Catherine Alexander. The way he showcased these women as being unique, victims of life’s tragedies but also having an unknown peculiar strength was just incredible. ‘Windmills of the Gods’ was another masterpiece by this creative story teller that entailed the life of Mary Ashley and how she struggles with life after her husband’s demise. This novel also had details about how the central character had to adapt in a country as an ambassador and the detailed work in the story was the mark of pure genius.

Of all Sheldon novels, another bestseller that too was cherished by readers from around the globe was ‘Master of the game’ that told the tale of a businesswoman called Kate Blackwell. This story focused on how a business minded person manipulates the lives of his or her loved ones all for the bigger picture to be rosy. If you had to buy Sidney Sheldon books, then a must read is ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’. This was a one of a kind novel that was about a central character who is suffering from multiple personality disorder. The elusiveness and the dangerous nature of this disorder, has been reflected beautifully in this novel.

Because of the sort of success that was achieved by this mastermind, several books like ‘After the darkness’ have been conceived by other writers. All these wonderful novels have been written to add on to the collection of Sidney Sheldon novels that everyone loves to catch up any day. Though, this man of unpredictable talent isn’t around anymore, his legacy lives on with novels that are applauded by the harshest critics.

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