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The Benefactors Of Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a form of "soft-sell" promotion that works in an indirect and often more effective way.

The Benefactors Of Article Marketing

By William gold who often uses Article marketing for writing purposes and thus recommends http://www.articlecontentengine.com/article_marketing.php

Article Marketing is a form of “soft-sell” promotion that works in an indirect and often more effective way. Unlike traditional advertising which tends to get one’s guard up because modern consumers tend to inundated with ads and thus will likely ignore them, Article Marketing presents itself as something informational and “harmless” by comparison. No one likes to feel manipulated, but today’s consumers recognize that the point of an advertisement is precisely that, and thus the message of a regular ad will most likely be successfully resisted by a majority of consumers.

However, with Article Marketing, information that is of interest to the consumer is presented in a friendly manner reminiscent of a normal newspaper or magazine article (hence the name) and thus easily gains the consumer’s trust. By not pitching a sale, the consumer does not feel pressured and, indeed, is often unaware of the fact that promotional efforts are indeed being made all the same. In this way, there is no internal resistance for marketers to overcome in the potential customer, making the job that much easier.

For example, a local accountant may pen an article in the local paper about taxes during tax season. He or she will explain, say, new changes to the tax law for the current fiscal year, changes which may affect customary credits and exemptions. In doing so, the accountant is truly providing a useful service while at the same time putting his or her own business in a positive light – as the source of such knowledgeable and useful information.

The business is mentioned only casually, almost as an afterthought – but it is precisely because of this understated manner of presenting one’s business, in conjunction with the offer of timely useful information, that can help unconsciously endear the business to consumers, creating a positive association of the business that pays dividends in increased business.

It is, in short, exposure, free publicity – of the good kind. It’s a little different online, but the core is basically the same. Businesses still create articles in their area of expertise in order to receive exposure and achieve recognition by sharing timely and useful information. But the internet offers exponentially increased reach, and can be a very powerful profit generation engine if deployed correctly.

The advice of proven professionals will be of great benefit in this arena. Whereas so-called “old media” like print and radio may still be indulged in on an amateurish basis by oneself, such as calling up the local paper to offer to write timely tax advice, when it comes to the worldwide web it is usually best to have well seasoned experts handle all the intricacies involved, a great deal of which is technical and technological.

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