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The Golden Age of High Sea Adventures

Approximately seventy percent of the world is covered in water. And the world's oceans are a universe unto themselves, teaming with life. Here there are storms and calms, underwater valleys and shallow grotto's.

The Golden Age of High Sea Adventures

Thomas McNulty is the author of Errol Flynn, a critically acclaimed biography, and the novels, “Trail of the Burned Man”, “Wind Rider”, and “Death Rides a Palomino”, who is also an avid Pulp Fiction fan of audio books on cd. http://www.goldenagestories.com/audiobooks

There are untold millions of aquamarine life, treacherous islands and erupting volcanoes. The tide, the winds the currents and the waves all tell a story of their own. When man first began exploring the seas in ships he discovered its beauty, its treachery, and its endless source of adventure.

There are many tales of the sea. Perhaps the best known is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, or Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Few landlubbers haven’t found themselves from time to time dreaming of distant lands and exotic locations like those found in the stories of Stevenson or Melville. Tales of far-flung adventure in the orient, sea adventures, and dangerous and distant lands were the focus of pulp writers during the Golden Age of the 30s and 40s.

These magazines and the writers that wrote for them have become legendary figures with collectors and literary scholars. The pulp magazines derived their name from the inexpensive wood pulp paper on which these magazines were printed. These magazines are now brittle, brown reminders of a bygone era. But a renaissance is underway that once again brings the pulp stories alive for a new generation of readers. Preserving out cultural history while re-introducing readers to the amazing worlds of L. Ron Hubbard, is the focus of Galaxy Press. This ongoing project will reprint 153 of Hubbard’ s tales in 80 volumes accompanied by state- of-the-art audio books that emulate the Golden Age of Radio for both CD and iTunes.

Hubbard had mastered every genre and wrote mysteries, sea adventures, westerns, tales from the Orient, far-lung adventure, fantasy and science fiction. Titles include Cargo of Coffins, Sea Fangs, Twenty Fathoms Down, Under the Black Ensign, Black Towers to Danger, The Headhunters, Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead and The Trail of the Red Diamonds, to name a few.

Hubbard wrote so convincingly because prior to his becoming a writer he sailed the seven seas and explored the Orient, the Caribbean and points in-between. He was a barnstorming pilot and member of the prestigious Explorer’s Club. By the time he sat down to slam out his first story on his Underwood typewriter, he had accumulated a wealth of experience and insight that served him well during his heyday as a pulp writer.

During his meteoric career Hubbard developed a brisk, distinctive style, percolating with raw images, endearing characters, realistic dialogue, tights plots and tons of action. His stories are a pulp fan’s dream.

These thrilling swashbuckling adventures will take readers to far-flung locales where danger and excitement lurk around every corner. With a turn of the page you’ll find yourself crossing that vast and unmerciful sea and on to distant shores of thrills and chills. More than seven decades after L. Ron Hubbard first published a story his adventures continue to strike a chord with readers.

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