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The World Changing Power of Fairy Tales

There are many good things that fairy tales can do for children. Fairy tales can also change the world for the better.

The World Changing Power of Fairy Tales

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Today, one who is introduced to the fairy tales is most likely a child. However, fairy tales are not only for children.

Fairy tales also contain meaningful life lessons and magical countries for adults. These stories were actually invented for adults in the first place and now that they are considered to be unfashionable and out of date, have been passed on to children.

Unfortunately, some adults even believe that his or her child should not hear these magical stories because they are not ‘life like’ or real and will give a child a false impression of what to expect in life. However, it is not so bad to avoid the negative and dark realism of the world as long as possible and most children realize that what they are watching is not real life.

In addition, there are real elements in the fairy tales that can help children cope with real life situations. For example, the challenges and obstacles that the heroes have to overcome are representative of the obstacles and challenges that all children have in their lives.

They understand the struggle, triumph, and bitter defeat that the heroes experience and they can connect with it. As a result, they learn the good moral messages that the heroes teach through overcoming their trials with honesty, bravery, and so forth.

The violence in fairy tales is another major concern for parents. However, this is also very real and it is something that children have to deal with.

The difference between violence in fairy tales and violence in other movies is that the violence is mostly connected with fictional, evil characters. As the child is sympathizing with the good character and his or her struggles, the child will learn that violence is bad and something that evil people choose to do.

When the child sees the good character overcome evil, it will give him or her hope that his or her challenges can be overcome even when the obstacles seem too great. Some parents mistakenly do not want their child to be disillusioned by the idea that children will always be able to overcome obstacles.

However, it is much better for a child to try and fail with a lesson learned about what he or she did wrong than for a child to never try and to wallow in the weakness or inability that he or she perceives that he or she has.

The motivating power of fairy tales that tells the weak they can be strong and the evil that they can be good and the ugly that they can be beautiful can completely change a child’s life for the better. Imagine a world of people where no one tried to become better at what he or she did or no one tried to improve his or her weaknesses.

It would be a dull and underdeveloped world. Failure will sometimes occur, but the fairytale heroes sometimes make mistakes too.

They and your child can learn from their mistakes, try again, and overcome the challenges that they face. The hope that fairy tales give is a bright light that is very needed in the world of realism and depression today.

Some people believe that it is important that fairy tales are told orally. This is because it brings the story back to the adults.

When you tell a story orally, you have to become familiar with the story yourself. This often means that you must read the story yourself at least three days in a row before the telling.

By telling the story orally, there are no pictures provided to the child either. He or she must use his or her imagination to provide the pictures.

In addition, there is an added element that good people, beauty, and truth are also in real life and not only in books or on the television. This will help them realize that while some things are not in real life, some of the best things in fairy tales are and they will learn to look for those good things in life.

One of the best gifts that you can give to your children is the gift of optimism. Optimism is lacking in the world today.

While there are bad things that need to be realized and dealt with, there are many good things that people overlook. When these things are not overlooked, depression rates can lower many more people will strive to seek success in life and help others to achieve success as well, which can change the entire world for the better.

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