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Time Management Techniques for Christian Writers

With the present fast-paced way of life, it is not surprising that we do not have enough time to pursue our own interests. As Christian authors, it is important to discover the time period we have got available in order to become successful authors.

Time Management Techniques for Christian Writers

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Being aware of your daily events will help you in prioritizing your agenda. Log your personal actions, make a regimen, and protect your job time. Planning your time can promote a very productive work day.


Christian authors frequently hear themselves stating, When I have the time, I will write. Even so, we never manage to redeem the lost time. Compounding the problem is our own culture enticing all of us to incorporate even more to the day. We’ve got numerous well-meaning opportunities to seize. Nevertheless, even though these activities are grounded with very good motives, they could hinder you from pursuing God’s calling on your life to be a Christian novelist.

A good way to gain perspective of your personal day is to be aware of your own activities. Start by using pen and paper or if you like utilizing computer programs such as Excel, you can easily create a spreadsheet to journal each of the activities of your day. It’s important not to change anything at all concerning your normal actions. Write within this journal for one week. Once the week has ended, you should notice where you have invested your time and energy. What duties aren’t priorities? Can you take away some activities out of your day? Where are you able to include your penning in your everyday regimen?

Develop a Schedule

Now that you are furnished with information about yourself, record the activities that are your priorities. Take just the activities you must have accomplished on a daily basis and then arrange this data into a regimen. The actual plan needs to be listed by each hour of your day. Block off some hours of your work time. Use a specific shade highlighter for this time slot. Use a different color highlighter for each and every activity. Once you have a full day with time blocked off for each of your main concerns…safeguard your work time!

Protect Your Composing Time

Yes, it is possible to safeguard your day. However, there are times when youngsters are sick or a minor emergency attacks your life, but the important thing is to try to start the next day on schedule and keep on activity. Here are a few guidelines for keeping focused on penning your novel.

Turn off the television or just don’t turn it on

If you really need to use a computer…do not access the web (Check your email at a fixed time each day…when your task is completed)

Permit your answering machine to answer your telephone

Find a peaceful place to work

Compose a to-do list the night before

Do not multi-task (Or else you’ll feel you should work while housekeeping)

Organize your workplace (So clutter won’t be a diversion. This includes arranging your inbox.)

Schedule time for even the most tedious tasks

Understand your main concerns and then accomplish them

Say “No” to all projects that keep you from your top priority list. (Remember that you are saying no to the project, not the individual asking)

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