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Tips To Give Your Content A Kick

It is absolutely great if you feel you have managed to write good content.

Tips To Give Your Content A Kick

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So you feel your content is good, it is great. You want to know why it should be made even better. This is because better content can lure more sales revenue. Let us see what differentiates ‘good’ from ‘great’ content.

Is the content Fresh? It should not be material from other websites, revamped and rephrased. It should show a new angle and have current information not found elsewhere. Test your content by seeking to determine whether it has an original idea. Whether it will leave the reader in awe, thinking there was something new that I learnt. If it does not pass this test, your content is certainly not great, though it may be good.

Does your content show Creativity? This does not mean it is based on fiction; it is the ability to show that the information can be related to real life situations, and is just not a collection of facts. No need to add emotionally charged words; just add a sense of humor and wit, or an unusual event to grip the readers’ attention, so long as it serves the purpose without causing much damage to your cause. In any event, it is pleasing to go through content that is creative, crisp and succinct.

Is your content Concise? Your content should not be verbose with many words. It should make for effortless reading, otherwise the reader will move on to another site. In short, present your message, in very few words.

Can your content be Easily Understood and is it Simple? Choose the simplest of words to express the message in your content. Do not ignore the fact that half of Americans are not able to read a book intended for an 8th Grade student; one fifth are able to read at grade 5th and lower level. So if you want to cover a large section of the population, aim for 7th an 6th grade level and accordingly make your content. I, personally, do not want 50% of the American to be turned off through the use of difficult words in the content. If you want people to understand your content, express it in simple words.

Is there Strength in your content? Use strong expressions, say “skyrocketed” as opposed to “increased”, “take action now-your future depends on it” as opposed to “call today”, and “earn 7 figures a year” as opposed to “financial security”. Just as I prefer strong coffee, with a kick, do the same with your content. For your site to be powerful try using powerful words.

To know these things are working and the content is fulfilling its intended purpose, you will be able to track the results. For instance, if it is marketing an article on the internet for link bait, you can obtain the links. You can find out if people clicked on your site, or not. It does take some more time to make your good content great. This extra effort is not without its rewards of much larger revenue.

So – Give a kick to your simple content

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