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What’s Wrong With Fox News!

As an African-American, Fox News sends a very clear message to me that my viewership is not welcome. This is a throwback to the media outlets of the 1960s that targeted communities that were established as a result of white flight.

What’s Wrong With Fox News!

Tyronne Jacques is the Author of “How to fight Google and Win”



The news media over last century has evolved from an extremely controlled format, to a product that has adapted to its individual targeted markets. All across the country you will find television stations and newspapers that reflect the local color of the communities they cover.

As technology has evolved, so too has the news media and the way it delivers the news to its viewers. From the earliest forms of delivery which included only radio and newspaper to 2010 whereas you can receive news via computers, weekly magazines, newspapers, televisions, and cell phones. This is a far journey from the earlier news reels of the 1930s; we are truly living in the Information Age.

Over the past 20 years I have also notice an increase in the amount of corporate influenced news services. With large industry icons like Time Warner, Viacom, and Bloomberg just to name a few, corporate branding has now infiltrated balanced news reporting. For example, Fox news is targeted toward one particular segment of our population which happens to be Conservative White America.

Some would argue that Fox news is only targeting white America and because it represents the largest segment of our population which in turn produces the most ad revenues. I on the other hand feel to believe that the opposition to the current President of the United States is racially motivated and designed affect the outcome of elections.

For examples; Fox news network attacks the current President because they feel he is overspending, however the previous President spent $412 million per day and in Iraq and Fox news never produced one show in opposition.

Fox news makes no excuse for a deliberate exclusion of minorities or a lack of fair and balanced reporting. All of the anchors women for Fox News are blonde white women and 98% of the men are white. If you were to revisit the Nazi propaganda from 1939 you will see a striking similarity to the propaganda and imagery of Fox News Network.

As an African-American, Fox News sends a very clear message to me that my viewership is not welcome. This is a throwback to the media outlets of the 1960s that targeted communities that were established as a result of white flight.

During World War II the media was instrumental in getting Americans behind the war effort as well as the promotion of Government Bonds. During Vietnam the media coverage of the war had the adverse effect which launched many protests against America’s presence in Vietnam.

During the civil rights movement the news coverage of Bull Connor’s Fire Hose attack on Civil Rights Protesters caused the nation to come to terms with the hate and racism that existed in the South.

I find the news media to have the same characteristics as the Bible which means that you can find something in it to justify either good or evil. I praise news organizations like CNN for not only allowing America to see positive portrayals of African-Americans, but also for the way that they embrace diversity.

I think Ivana Irwin said it best “Freedom of the press should never mean that the media is allowed result to Acts of Sedition such as Fox News in its coverage of the President of the United States of America, but that media reports the whole truth and nothing but the truth as MSNBC has so poignantly demonstrated. “

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