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You’ve Written Your E-book Now What Do You Do?

You've finished writing your e-book and it should be an easy decision of what to do next; you start selling it, right? But wait a minute, maybe not, there's an alternative that may result in more money in your coffers than direct sales. That other option is to give it away. Let's look at the advantages of each alternative before making a final decision.

You’ve Written Your E-book Now What Do You Do?

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on affiliate marketing and creating successful home based businesses online to apply his trade. To get in touch with Bob and learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit: http://homebusinessmoneymakers.com

You listened to all the successful Internet marketers online who said, when you decided to start your own home business on the web; you need your own product to promote to make the really big bucks on the Internet. You’ve finished writing your e-book and it should be an easy decision of what to do next; you start selling it, right?

But wait a minute, maybe not, there’s an alternative that may result in more money in your coffers than direct sales. That other option is to give it away. No you heard correctly, after all your hard work, sleepless nights and writing on weekends and now you’re going to give it to people?

Let’s look at the advantages of each alternative starting with the pros of selling your finsihed product:

1. First of all you have profits from the direct sales of your book from your home business website which will also result in the added benefit of building your list by capturing your new customers contact information. This will result in more money for your enterprise from future sales.

2. If you establish an affiliate program you will see added revenue from affiliate sales of your e-book.

3. Of course when you have your own product you can take advantage of some additional perks such as entering into joint venture programs with other Internet marketers which will increase your earnings. You can also use your product as a bartering tool to acquire other merchandise from Internet businesses for your home venture which will also increase your bottom line.

On the other hand giving your finished work away has its perks as well.

1. Because you’re giving it away you can reach a wider target which will mean greater commissions from the affiliate links contained in your book.

2. Reaching a bigger audience gives you the opportunity to build a larger email list by capturing these potential customers’s email information. This allows you to email future offers and perhaps current discounts to persuade them to become paying clients.

3. Not only will you have more places to promote your e-book because of being able to distribute it on social network sites which ordinarily wouldn’t allow advertising pay for products, but it will be much easier to encourage people to download your free merchandise.

After looking at the benefits of each situation you must now decide which is the best route to take. You have to weigh the value of more future sales from a larger list against the importance of having additional current revenue for your home business. Your final decision would have to take into account the current economic state of your enterprise because if it’s in desperate need of a quick infusion of cash selling your product may be the best option.

On the other hand if your business is on solid financial ground then a view to the future may be more appropriate and giving away your e-book may be the way to go. Whatever your final decision may be, it will be the correct one if you make it with your home business’s best interests at heart.

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